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Exploring the transgression and transmutation of various mediums of art, architecture and everything-in-between 

Mmakhotso Lamola


Mmakhotso Lamola is an artist, free-lance model builder and candidate architect.

She graduated cum laude at the University of Cape Town and is a recent graduate at The University of Witwatersrand where she completed her Honors in Architecture. She is an architect and explorative artist who is concerned with the “in between” spaces of creative disciplines where she feels her work should exist. When navigating the city and reading complex layering of urban fabric, she finds herself interested in how the layers of socio-politics, identity and everyday mundainity collide into an urban landscape. She has worked for the  award winning architect, Jo Noero, at Noero Architects for [2015-2016 end]  and was a collaborative artist at William Kentridge’s residency, The Centre for the Less Good Idea [2018] . She has been published in the online magazine Between 10and5, Graduates Guide 2017, and was published in an exhibition of architectural models by Noero Architects, “A Way of Making”. She is very much concerned with interrogating the emotional landscape of the city and how this can be interpreted into various mediums.


All photos and media content on this site was created by Mmakhotso Lamola if not stated otherwise